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VK5RLD 2m CoverageAbout VK5RLD

The Riverland Radio Club is the sponsor for and maintains the 2m, VK5RLD, repeater located at Moorook. This repeater provides significant coverage to the Riverland district, it has battery backup and has exceptional up-time. If your passing through please feel free to put out a call for Riverland Radio Club members via our repeater at any time.


Ivan VK5HS

VK5RLD Details:

  • Output: 147.325mhz, 123.0hz Tone
  • Input: 147.925mhz
  • Location: Moorook
  • Sponsor: VK5RLD
  • Notes: No tones are required, however if interference is experienced a tone of 123.0 may be added to your RX


Say hi to Club Secretary and Coordinator – Repeaters & Resources… Ivan VK5HS

Digipeater Details

Our Digipeater hangs off of our VK5RLD site and also services a large footprint. Typically this Digipeater links the 2m APRS packets through to the iGate hosted by RRC member Rob VK5TRM.

  • Location: Moorook
  • Sponsor: VK5RLD

An additional 2m Digipeater is hosted by club members Bob VK5FO and Ray VK5RR.

  • Location: Waikerie
  • Sponsor: VK5THB

iGate Details (Member Projects)

As a club collective we have a number of APRS gates about the Riverland area. These are sponsored by club member. Have a look at the details below.

  • 2m PiGate
    • Location: Loxton
    • Sponsor: VK5TRM
  • 30m iGate
    • Location: Waikerie
    • Sponsor: VK5THB

For more details contact the ‘Coordinator, Repeaters & Resources