Membership of our Club is open to any person residing in Australia, application can be made HERE. Our Club has three categories of membership as follows:

  • Regular Member
    • A person that has successfully applied for Regular Membership and who’s subscriptions are paid up.
    • A Regular Member has voting privileges at all Business Meetings when present in person.
    • Further they may sit as an Executive Officer of the Club and they may also sit on Sub-Committees or be appointed as a Coordinator.
  • Affiliate Member
    • Affiliate Members are those that have successfully applied for Affiliate Membership and who’s subscriptions, reduced rate, are paid up.
    • Affiliate Members do not have voting privileges, nor may they sit as an Executive Officer, Sub-Committees, or as a Coordinator.
  • Life Member
    • A Life Member is a Member who is exempt of subscription fees.
    • They are availed normal voting privileges per that of a Regular Member.
    • Additionally the Life Member may sit as an Executive Officer, sit on Sub-committees, or as a Coordinator.

The Subscription Year commences on October 1st of each calendar year and concludes September 30th of the following calendar year.

A persons approved for membership after April 1st but prior to September 30th inclusive may be deemed exempt from subscription fees for that Subscription Year, and shall be considered as Financial for that Subscription Year.