Membership Application

Please note the details below and further note that application does not guarantee membership acceptance. Any unsuccessful applicant will be fully reimbursed.

Applications can be completed and submitted online here.

1. Regular Member:

  • A Regular Member is a Member who has current Regular Member subscription, is availed voting privileges, and may also sit as an Executive Officer.
  • A Regular Member must also reside within 100km radius of the Berri CBD

2. Affiliate Member:

  • An Affiliate Member is a Member who has current Affiliate Member subscription, is not availed voting privileges, nor may they sit as an Executive Officer.
  • An Affiliate Member is not required to reside with the 100km radius of the Berri CBD.

3. Subscription Year:

  1. The Subscription Year commences on July 1st of each calendar year and concludes June 30th of the following calendar year.
  2. The subscription fee is payable by July 31st of the Subscription Year and when paid the Member is considered Financial.
  3. A Member is considered Un-financial if said subscription fee remains unpaid after July 31st and the Member shall not have voting privileges nor shall they sit as an Executive Officer or on any Sub-Committee. Any other privileges availed as a Member may also be revoked.
  4. The subscription fee rate for the forthcoming Subscription Year shall be determined, and minuted, by the Club prior to the commencement of said forthcoming Subscription Year.
  5. Persons approved for membership after January 1st but prior to June 30th inclusive shall be exempt from subscription fees for that Subscription Year, and shall be considered as Financial for that Subscription Year.

4. Riverland Radio Club bank details:

When making payment to the Riverland Radio Club for membership application please use the below details and ensure you include the ‘Reference’ as your Family Name.

  • Name: Riverland Radio Club
  • BSB: 035 063
  • Account: 208941
  • Reference: Your Family Name