Foundation Course & Assessment

Great news for those interested in getting into this terrific radio experimentation hobby.

The Riverland Radio Club Inc. from time to time holds Foundation Courses and conducts assessments. These are at a zero profit to the Club to minimise costs for the entry into amateur radio.

Learning Materialflcover

The Foundation Licence Manual, “Your Entry Into Amateur Radio” is a superb self directed way to learn everything you need for success, and a nice ongoing reference.

These are available for purchase from:

  • Wireless Institute Australia (WIA), $35 plus P&H
  • Our Club, $35 inc. P&H. Just complete the form below with the applicable request in the comments field.

The Radio Electronics School (RES) also host online tutorial videos and these are available free of charge.  Simply click on the above link, select ‘Foundation’ from the menu and select ‘View Foundation Video Tutorials’.

Another mode of self directed learning available is via an application for either Android or iPhone. These can be downloaded for free from:

It is highly recommended that candidates have worked through the learning resource as this will help ensure success on the face to face training and assessment session(s).

A good idea is to also have a copy of the Licence Conditions Determination (LCD), this is available from the WIA website HERE.

The Course (Face to Face)

The face to face training course is conducted locally here in the Riverland on a needs basis, that is to say when candidates are ready we can schedule the training sessions with relative ease and have candidates up and on air with little fuss.

  • Minimum candidates: 1 (you)
  • Maximum candidates: 6
  • Location of course: Riverland area, as arranged
  • Riverland Radio Club facilitators/assessors: 2
  • Method of delivery:
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Discussion sessions
    • Question and Answer sessions
    • Practical sessions
  • Assessment methods:
    • Multiple choice theory paper (SAMPLE)
    • Practical sessions:
      • Use provided equipment to prepare a station
      • Perform basic fault testing on supplied equipment
      • Perform on air voice communications

The Process

Ivan VK5HSOur Riverland Radio Club aims to make things as easy as we can. Basically the first  step is to contact our Club Education Coordinator via the form at the bottom of this page.

From there our Club will arrange for you to be supported, as best we can, through the rest of the process. Basically:

  • Get a copy of The Foundation Licence Manual, “Your Entry Into Amateur Radio”, either from us or wherever;
  • Download and/or use the online resources mentioned above;
  • Undertake self directed learning with mentoring support from our club assessors;
  • Negotiate a suitable course date with our Club Education Coordinator;
  • Participate in the course day;
    • Complete the applicable paperwork as supplied by our assessors
    • Training sessions (inc. Slide Shows, Q & A, Discussion sessions)
    • Knowledge assessment (25 question multiple choice)
    • Practical assessment
    • On-air assessment
  • Your assessors will give you feedback and result on the day;
  • Our assessors submit the paperwork to the WIA for processing;
  • Once approved you will be invoiced by ACMA for your licence;
  • Once paid and your callsign appears in the Register of Licences you are good to go!!!

What To Bring To The Course

For the learning and assessment components all you be required to bring will be:

  • Note pad and pen
  • Preferably your manual: ‘The Foundation Licence Manual – Your Entry Into Amateur Radio’
  • A positive learning attitude

For the application process you will need to bring along to the following:

  • Photo Identification
  • Current Australian Drivers Licence
  • Passport Photo (to include with application)
  • Additional ID
    • Credit/Debit Card; or
    • MediCare Card
  • Email Address

And lastly you will also require Credit/Debit Card for application payments.

Please note: Our Assessors are not prepared for handling cash payments.


Fees are payable to two entities for the processing of licence assessments and applications, these being:

  • Wireless Institute Australia (WIA); and
  • Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA)

WIA Fees

  • Foundation Training Course
    • FREE (this is conducted by the Riverland Radio Club)
  • Foundation Assessments (inc. Knowledge and Practical)
    • Adult: $70 / Under 18: $35
  • Licence application
    • Level 1 (next available callsign): $5
    • Level 2 (select from available callsign): $20
  • These application fees will be debited to your Credit/Debit card by the WIA

ACMA (Licence) Fee

  • The following ACMA fees will be invoiced to the applicant (you) once the WIA processes the assessment and application documents. The ACMA will post or email the applicant (you) an invoice upon which the applicant pays the licence fee of:
    • New Service (Licence): $78
      • Annual renewal thereafter: $53
      • 5 year licence renewal: $272


  • Adult undertakes Foundation Course & Assessment and applies for next available callsign:
    • $70 + $5 = $75 (debited to your Credit/Debit card) + $78 (invoiced by ACMA) = $153
  • Under 18 year old undertakes Foundation Course & Assessment and requests a specific callsign from an available list:
    • $35 + $20 = $55 (debited to your Credit/Debit card) + $78 (invoiced by ACMA) = $133

If you are interested in having a go at getting your Foundation Licence or would like some more information please submit your interest in this form and our Club Education Coordinator will follow up.

Please note:The fees mentioned on this page only apply to the Foundation Course & Assessment course and licencing.


Fees correct as at June 2017