BRL Nets & News Broadcast


Our VK5BRL Nets are well known about Australia routinely attracting 20 plus checkins. Using the Riverland Radio Club callsign, VK5BRL, the main Net Control operator is VK5MRE Ron. Ron manages the BRL Net members list for the BRL Nets contest.

The BRL Net contest runs annually from BRL Gathering to BRL Gathering (April to April) where Ron presents awards to the applicable recipients.

The contest is a contacts based contest, requiring members to make unique contacts with other BRL Net members. At the end of the year the BRL Net member with the most unique contacts, with other BRL Net members, wins!

The BRL Nets

  • Tuesday Evening – 3.610mhz LSB, 2000hrs Local SA time
  • Wednesday Morning – 7.115mhz LSB, 0830hrs Local SA time
  • Saturday Morning – 7.115mhz LSB, 0830hrs Local SA time

BRL Nets Facebook Page

VK5TRM-2Wireless Institute Australia (WIA) Broadcast

  • The WIA weekly news is re-broadcast via VK5RLD every Sunday night at 2000hrs Local time. VK5TRM Rob has been maintaining this service for several years, compiling the broadcast components, broadcasting them over the VK5RLD repeater, and hosting the callback net at the broadcast conclusion.
  • Callbacks at the conclusion of the broadcast to show your appreciation are most welcome. Please have a listen, check in and say g’day each Sunday night.
  • Rob also hosts the broadcast on a server available for download at your leisure. It is available from 2130hrs UTC each Saturday.

Weekly WIA National and VK5 News available here!


For more details please contact our ‘Coordinator, BRL Gathering