We Did It Again!

G’day all,

Well we did it again. Our website has again exceeded its previous months results in most aspects.


We broke into the 1.3k views for the month, increased unique visitors for the month by 70%, almost 30% increase in ‘Post’ Likes, and went from only 4 Countries viewing our site in March to 18!

I prepared a speech…

I’d like to thank Mum and Dad… Seriously though I do sincerely want to thank the contributors to our site, particularly Andy VK5LA and Ivan VK5HS for the articles they have sent in for me to post. Also to anyone that has been behind a camera and sent me their happy snaps that I could use to add that something to the articles.

To our Riverland Radio Club members for getting out and about to give us something to blog about, be it park activations, Radio Sonde Hunting, or project building… thanks!

Special mention to Paul VK5PAS and Marija VK5FMAZ for their photos and some would say relentless commitment to Amateur Radio and the allied WWFF program. They are forever posting and sharing not only their own stories but also sharing ours. So thanks Paul and Marija for contributing to our successes here in the Riverland.

Thanks must also go to our patrons, our visitors to our little site. The Riverland Radio Club says thank you!

Please continue to visit our site, keep clicking those ‘Like’ buttons, and please leave a comment or three as we would love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers and 73’s,

Danny VK5DW

2 thoughts on “We Did It Again!

  1. Hi Danny, a great effort in revamping the website. The website along with the Riverland Radio Club BRL Nets and gathering we are achieving a lot for a small club. regards Ivan VK5HS

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