BRL Gathering 2018 Kicks Off

Well here we are, the 2018 BRL Gathering has kicked off and the Overland Corner Hotel.

A field station has been set up so the BRL Net will be run from the Gathering starting at 0830 local time on 7.115MHz. Ron VK5MRE will be calling for check ins using the club call VK5BRL, so if you haven’t been able to join us at the Gathering please keep an ear out 21768863_10154647731396184_3618258097243425186_oand give Ron a call. If you couldn’t make it here in person at least let us try and make you a part of the Gathering on air. For those that could make it this year there will be a chance to grab the mic off Ron and make your presence known.

21766693_10154647732351184_5846354428546626353_nWe have a busy day ahead starting with a cooked breakfast, tea and coffee welcoming our guests. The BRL Net is at the normal time and we have 3 satellite rigs ready for people to have a crack at the 7 passes throughout the day.

Don’t forget the Home Brew Competition and of course the Pre-Loved Items sale.

Somewhere along the line we should be able to fit in a bit of face to face catch up time.

Here’s to a great day!


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