VK5MRE – Cross Yagi

VK5MRE Ron has been busy at home since the Tech Night working on his Cross Yagi antenna. When he left the Tech Night he had a heap of cut up bits of aluminium, now look. Check out his great work… WELL DONE Ron it’s looking really good. You will be up among the birds soon… and with radio not your model airplanes this time. HI HI.

70cm elements and Boom all complete, just the 2m elements, connector mounts/Gamma Matches, and tuning to go. Ron should be able to knock that out next Tech Night, but with the confidence and expertise he’s displaying he’ll probably finish it at  home… and why not?!?

Look out home brewers, Ron’s looking at taking out the big prize at the BRL Gathering Home Brew Competition!

One thought on “VK5MRE – Cross Yagi

  1. Really pleased you are marching ahead with it Ron. I do wonder though are you trying to make me look bad, hi hi? It looks better than mine!


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