Tech Night – March 2018

Monday night, March 26th, was our club tech night where VK5DW Danny facilitated the first session in members building a collapsible cross yagi dual band, 2m and 70cm, for operating on the amatuer satellites. 

Danny’s VK5DW post is here

A few of our regular members couldn’t make it but VK5TRM Rob and VK5MRE Ron were in a building mood. They bought their materials along and with the help and tools of VK5HS Ivan and VK5DW Danny the games began. 





We didn’t have a lot of members this meeting but boy did we have fun. We are looking forward to finishing the project off at the next tech night. We will likely help others that couldn’t make it this time to make a start on theirs. 

This design, a variation to Rob Greaves VK2GOM design, is constructed in such a way that each element unscrew into two pieces and removes from the boom. The boom is a 2 piece boom that had a sleeve to slip the 2 parts together and are held together by a couple of the elements. This makes the antenna collapse down to about 600mm. This makes it really easy to transport, a common problem with cross yagi antennas. The build instructions are here for those that are interested. Plead note this is the DRAFT of the instructions so E&OE apply: VK5DW Cross Yagi Build Instructions

We hope you enjoy or blog and if you do build one of these antennas we would love to hear about it or at the very least please leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

Cheers and 73,

VK5DW Danny 

Addendum – 28 March ’18:

VK5MRE Ron has been busy at home working on his Cross Yagi antenna. Check out his great work… WELL DONE Ron it’s looking really good. You will be up among the birds soon… and this time with radio not your model airplanes this time.




We’ll have it completed, tuned and all rigged up by next Tech Night. Can’t wait to hear you using it.

Good work mate!

VK5DW Danny


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