On the Birds at the BRL Gathering

If your at the BRL Gathering on Saturday come and have a look and play with some satellite kit that a number of the RRC members have been making and using.

There are a couple different takes on the common theme and we plan to have a three or so outfits set up to play with… ALL welcome subject to available time and how many want to have a go of course.

Working the birds is quite rapid fire when there is a few on, everyone wants that little fix of available pass time. Combine that with Doppler Shift and tracking the thing it can get a bit interesting.

Saturday is the best day with 5 passes (2 on AO-92 and 3 on AO-91). A couple RRC members will be about to talk about their receptive setups.

Saturday, April 7th 

Time (Local)  Satellite  Duration (mins) 
0834  AO-92  10.6 
1008  AO-92  10.6 
1219  AO-91  13.7 
1354  AO-91  15.1 
1513  AO-91  7.6 

 For those still around on the Sunday wanting to have a go the passes aren’t bad. If a satellite a setup is available please have a go.

Sunday, April 8th 

Time (Local)  Satellite  Duration (mins) 
0815  AO-92  9.3 
0947  AO-92  11.3 
1240  AO-91  14.8 
1417  AO-91  14.3 

 Cheers for now from the Riverland Radio Club.


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