Kapunda, Media and Rilli Islands Activated for the First Time

What a great day had buy VK5DW Danny, VK5HS Ivan, VK5LA Andy, and VK5PE Peter. 

We activated 3 never before activated island parks just out of Loxton. Andy and Pete both activated Kapunda Island C/P while Danny and Ivan activated Media Island C/P. Ivan headed back to Kapunda Island to pick up Andy and Pete leaving Danny on Media Island to make a couple more contacts. Pete and Andy then also activated Media Island C/P before we loaded up Ivan’s boat and heading further up stream to Rill Island.

After a short put up steam we set up a station on Rilli Island C/P where Andy grabbed the mic and made his quota in no time. Pete made his contacts then followed by Danny. At an early rough quick count we made over 100 contacts. 

All in all a very enjoyable day out playing radio in some beautiful surroundings topped off by a couple terrific espresso thick shakes. All agreed we need to do this again soon. 


4 thoughts on “Kapunda, Media and Rilli Islands Activated for the First Time

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