Cooltong Activation 9-12-2017

The Cooltong Conservation Park VKFF-0823 in QF05HT. VK5PE Peter, VK5HS Ivan, VK5FPLR Peter, and I (VK5DW Danny) went out and activated the park for my first activation even.

VK5HS bought along his recently built satellite antenna and rig and played on AO-91.

VK5FPLR also had a play on the satellite as well from his hand held and Ivan’s kit.

I managed to get my quota of contacts and had an absolute blast… gunna do this again!

Check the pic below, looks like VK5PE Pete thinks he can see the satellite and trying to guide Ivan to point his rig in the direction.

Thanks for reading,

VK5DW Danny


One thought on “Cooltong Activation 9-12-2017

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