VK5HS – Cross Yagi Project

We’re all doing it… crossed dual band yagis that is.

Here we have VK5HS Ivan version of the 2m/70cm cross yagi for AO-91. Ivan’s design has through boom mounted elements that with a twist of a screw can be removed with reasonable ease. The fixing screws are mounted in by way of ‘Nutserts’ aka ‘Rivnuts’.

He uses 2 x portables for full duplex so when he keys up the 70cm transmitter you can hear yourself coming back in on the 2m receiver, full duplex. This is a little wierd at first but great when you get the hang of it. The best bit is that you can tell when you are getting into the bird.

It is with this outfit that I, VK5DW Danny, got bitten with the satellite bug (you can see me in the pics… I’m the one with the big belly!!!). From here I went home and rigged up a couple old yagis I had laying about. You can also see VK5PE Pete operating the yagi hand held (nice vest Pete). Ivan even bought it out for a bit of fun during our Cooltong Conservation Park activation.


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